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Moylough Church

Church Painting

We offer church painting and restoration on the interior and exterior of churches. We will undertake this type of job with reverence and respect. Given the community aspect of churches, we will work with you and your timetable to complete our work with minimal disruption.

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Church Exterior Colours

In general, churches are painted with a light airy colour. However, if you are still unsure, give us a call to avail of our free colour-matching service

Church Painting

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Steeple Painting

Depending on the height of the steeple, we may need to use platforms, scaffolding and various paints to develop beautiful patterns and designs on the structure.


We will use high-grade exterior paints to make the structures more durable and attractive. To create the desired look, the painter mixes and applies different kinds of paints in specific shapes and colours.


By carefully merging different hues and shades, the painter creates a magical and mesmerizing effect on the steeple.

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Church Painting FAQ

Is there a particular colour of paint used solely in churches?

No, but in general, a light neutral colour is used on the interior and exterior.

Will ecclesiastical painting disrupt church service?

We will do our very best to accommodate the church's schedule with minimal disruption.

Do you paint all churches?

Yes. We service all denominations.

Do you paint the interior of churches?

Yes. We pride ourselves on our beautiful intricate work.

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